One Step At A Time

Melodrama, 2021


Experimental Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year
Genre: Melodrama
Running Time: 9
Rating: PG
Viewing Restriction: 13

Inside their used to be family home before their parents got divorced and the sisters got separated, Naomi receives a text message from her father instructing her to begin the year's scavenger hunt; her sisters are hesitant at first but are eventually persuaded to participate before Naomi has to leave again. Naomi struggles throughout the film to complete this scavenger hunt, but she is constantly aided by her sisters. There is another plane of psychological existence in the middle of the story where we have an anonymous figure who is a metaphor for Naomi as she strives to discover her independence. In the end, she solves the final puzzle on her own and thus completes the scavenger hunt on her own; by doing so, she is able to break free from the shadow of always needing her sister's assistance and discovers her own independence.


Actress as Naomi - Mmabo Mosesi
Actress as Jessica - Modipadi Mokgohloa
Actress as Serena - Usanda Nomvete


Writer - Ruvesan Reddy
Director - Ruvesan Reddy
Executive Producer - Anella Grimsley
Associate Producer - N/A
Associate Producer - N/A
Assitant Producer - N/A
Cinematographer - Zaheer Seedat & Moalusi Thosago
Production Designer - Brinsley Maina
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Keikelame Mogorosi
Editor - Katlego Mmako
Sound Design - Devyn Heuer
Composer - Mveli Mokoaqo
Visual Effects - Jarrod Jabar
Data Wrangler - David Otieno
Colourist/Grader - David Otieno


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